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Life Insurance Life insurance

Whether you are looking for life insurance to protect your family or business, our agency can help. Valley Insurance Professionals represents the vast majority of top-rated carriers, which means we can shop around to find the best solutions for your needs and budget. We are independent, which allows us to put your needs first - there is no cost or obligation for rate quotes or reviews of existing coverage.

If you are asking "why is life insurance important for me?" consider the following uses based on your situation:

Life insurance benefits for families

For families, life insurance:

  • Replaces lost income
  • Ensures the family's lifestyle can continue
  • Can be used as a gift to a charity or family member
  • Used as a method of reducing the effect of estate taxes
  • Provides funding for college or retirement planning for surviving family members
  • Used to pay off mortgages, student loans, car loans, credit cards, final expenses, and other debts
Life insurance benefits for businesses

For businesses, life insurance:

  • Protects the business in the event of the loss of an owner or key employee(s)
  • Provides funding to pay vendors and employees
  • Can be offered as a group benefit
  • Used as a deferred compensation method or a discriminatory retirement strategy when a group retirement plan is not feasible

Generally, there are two types of life insurance:

Term Life Insurance provides affordable coverage at a rate that is generally guaranteed to remain level for a specified length of time (term). This may be anywhere from 5 to 30 years, and after this point the rates can rapidly increase. Term Life is appropriate when the need for insurance is temporary.

Permanent Life Insurance refers to Whole Life and Universal Life (including such options as Fixed, Variable, and Indexed). Permanent Life Insurance may be guaranteed for a longer period than term, but for a higher cost. These policies may also include a cash value component, where funds grow tax-deferred within the policy (assuming certain guidelines are met).

Life insurance calculator

To help determine the amount of life insurance you may need, use the Life Insurance Needs Calculator from the Life Foundation.

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